A scientist turned to an engineering leader in Digital Healthcare

About Me

I received Bachelor and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from Toyohashi University of Technology (Japan), and PhD in physics from the Graduate University of Advanced Studies. I started my carrier by providing an engineering solution to the scientist community in biomedical, nanotechnology, and biosensors areas. The projects started with the designing of hardware and software from the conceptual phase, followed by the implementation phase, writing software for the system and data acquisition, and finally develop data analysis & reporting system.

Later I shifted to the managerial role to lead mobile apps, cloud solutions, artificial intelligence, analytics, web solutions, mobile health, telehealth, eHealth, wearable devices, internet of things (IoT), data healthcare, and digital healthcare products. I am passionate for Life Science and Healthcare and improving patients/users wellbeing through the use of Data and Digital health technologies. Enhance the overall patients and users experience through the use of emerging digital solutions. I have extensive management, R&D, leadership and mentoring experience for in-house and remote team in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Bangladesh, and India. Currently, I am working as a "Digital Healthcare Solutions Specialist" at Omron Healthcare, Singapore & Japan.